We are a team of two members from different artistic discipline and background. Louise was born in Denmark, educated in performance and multi-media arts in Denmark and the US. Po Shu was born in Hong Kong, educated in visual Art in Rome, Italy. Our common interest in site-integrated artwork led us to collaborate as Living Lenses since 1999. The name came out of our conviction in creating works that will have the function of lenses, to expand the range of our natural senses in order to get glimpses into many otherwise hidden aspects of the places that we encounter.

Our collaboration pushes the continuous dissolution and metamorphosis of our individual operating paradigms, and led the integration of creative methods from far away fields to compliment those of our more familiar arts and humanities core.

For the last ten years, our focus has been to create works that are tangible mechanisms, by which the public can use as tools to join us in exploring hidden aspects of their environments, crossing into the roles as creators of the content as well as providing the context for the works.

Link to Artist Portrait San Diego Tribune, 2006