Initial community input meetings had resulted in diverse neighborhood groups each wishing to have their particular culture cerebrated through the artwork.


Luckily, creche is creche for good reason, as in ’a challenge is also an opportunity.’ Seeing the impossibility to do justice one way or another to all neighborhood groups’ wishes without resorting to tokenism, the artist looked into what might be the simplest driving force underlying all cultures. It appears that the tried and true interactions between a people with its immediate environment would be maintained as custom, which would then slowly accumulate and evolve into a coherent culture in time.


This neighborhood urban park owes its existence to a shallow seismic fault rupture that runs diagonally across it at only 14 feet below grade, making it a no built zone in the midst of a high housing real estate development. It is a microcosm of the global plate tectonics where the Pacific Plate is constantly pushing up against the North American Plate. A perfect reminder of all we West Coast dwellers that a level of denial is our way of life along this subduction zone. But here, it is also the beautifully unifying reality that all the diverse neighborhood groups can absolutely identify with. So there is no truer shared concern than this fault rupture, and the artwork is a direct respond to this reality, just as your ancestors and mine had responded to theirs, with the knowledge and means at hand then, and there.


This artwork simply monitors the fault rupture activities, giving witness to the ground displacement in time through alignment offset of the sculptural components. And it is bringing mother earth’s on-going song to visitors in realtime on location, and remotely through a QR code and our smarty phones.